What is Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth replacement option used to replace missing teeth. It consists of a small titanium post, resembling a screw, that is surgically implanted into the jawbone beneath the gum line. This post serves as a sturdy foundation for attaching an artificial tooth, known as a dental crown.

Dental implants are designed to mimic the natural structure and function of a tooth root. Once the implant post is securely fused with the jawbone through a process called osseointegration, typically over a few months, it provides stability and support for the dental crown.

The dental crown, which is custom-made to match the color, shape, and size of the natural teeth, is attached to the implant post using an abutment. The result is a permanent and durable tooth replacement that looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth.

Dental implants offer numerous benefits, including improved chewing ability, speech clarity, and aesthetics. They also help preserve bone density in the jaw, prevent adjacent teeth from shifting, and promote long-term oral health.

Overall, dental implants are considered one of the most effective and long-lasting solutions for replacing missing teeth, offering patients a comfortable, functional, and natural-looking smile.

Did you think about Dental Implant Service at Farazy Dental ?

Choosing Dental Implant Service at Farazy Dental offers numerous benefits:

  • Expertise: Our experienced team of dental professionals specializes in dental implant placement, ensuring precise and successful outcomes for our patients.

  • Comprehensive Care: We offer a full range of dental implant services, from initial consultation and treatment planning to implant placement and restoration, all under one roof.

  • State-of-the-Art Technology: We utilize advanced technology and techniques, such as 3D imaging and guided implant surgery, to enhance precision and optimize results.

  • Customized Treatment: Each patient receives a personalized treatment plan tailored to their specific needs and goals, ensuring optimal aesthetics, function, and long-term success.

  • Natural-Looking Results: Our dental implants are designed to mimic the look, feel, and function of natural teeth, providing a seamless and natural-looking smile.

  • Long-Term Solution: Dental implants offer a durable and long-lasting solution for tooth replacement, with proper care and maintenance, they can last a lifetime.

  • Improved Oral Health: Dental implants help preserve bone structure and prevent bone loss associated with missing teeth, promoting better oral health and overall well-being.

  • Enhanced Confidence: With dental implants, patients can enjoy restored chewing ability, speech clarity, and a renewed sense of confidence in their smile and appearance.

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